Sebastian Zinca

I taught music theory and ear training on faculty at the Juilliard Pre-College (youth department) after serving for two years as a student teaching fellow during my double bass bachelor studies there. I have a huge background in teaching students of all levels in the classroom and underwent the Juilliard music theory pedagogy requirements. I have also have had many private students who have needed extra help. After obtaining my degree in double bass, I study orchestral conducting now at the Sibelius Academy. As a performer, I believe my passion for music theory comes from a place of practicality. Music Theory is about discovering what makes music as wonderful as it is, and I love to show this two my students with all of the passion I have for it!

I study orchestral conducting masters at the Sibelius Academy and did my bachelors studies in double bass at Juilliard. I have lots of experience teaching and performing. I love to teach and also have experience as a classroom teacher of music theory and ear training. Video of conducting and bass playing on URL below.

P.S. If you have always secretly wanted to conduct, contact me!