Student Union Administration

The highest decision-making body in the Student Union is the Student Union Council. Every two years, eighteen members are elected to the Council. Among other things, the Council decides on basic policies and supervises the management of finances. It also elects the Chairperson, the Executive Board and the Secretary General.

The Executive Board holds administrative and executive power. It is in charge of the everyday functioning of ArtSU: cooperating with the University administration, publishing a newsletter, organizing parties etc. There are 6-10 members in the Board, which usually meets once a week. The Chairperson of the Board is also the Chairperson of the whole Student Union.

The Secretary General works as a secretary to the Student Union Council and the Executive Board, and is responsible for the Student Union finances. The Student Union also employs a Secretary for Member Services and Student Advocacy who takes care of general office tasks, member services and questions related to student advocacy.

You can find contact information for all the people mentioned above on the page Contact information.

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