Student Card

Membership of the Student Union provides you with many benefits and services. One of the major benefits of membership is a student card, providing you services on campus and discounts all around the country (more information below). From autumn 2013 on all student cards are ordered from the student-owned company Frank, and old cards by Lyyra or Antenna cannot be ordered anymore. You can still use your old Student Card and get a term sticker on it, but if you wish, you may of course also switch to a new card.

With the Student Card you can prove that you are studying in Finland and get hundreds of student discounts all over the country. In addition to being your student ID, the new Student Card also functions as a payment card (prepaid MasterCard) and gives you the possibility to make purchases using a chip or the faster and easier nfc (near-field communication) technology. Optionally you may choose to order a traditional Student Card without the payment card option. For an added fee, you also have the option of ordering an ISIC Student Card, which gives you student benefits all around the globe. There is also a separate card for post-graduate/doctoral students; please note that you must be a member of the Student Union to get a student card.

The Student Card options and prices are as follows:

1.       Student card with the payment functionality (Price 15,10€)
  •  With this type of card you can both prove you are a student (and as a result get all the student discounts and benefits) and pay your purchases in every shop, where MasterCard is accepted. You can also draw out money from ATMs all around the world. This card type is available for degree students (undergraduate/graduate).
  • In addition to the traditional chip payment, the card has also a contactless payment feature
    • The card works as a Prepaid card
      • All purchases made with your card will be charched from you Elisa Lompakko account. You will be guided to register to Elisa Lompakko -service while ordering the card.
      • Just activate your card in Elisa Lompakko, transfer money to Elisa Lompakko and your card is ready to use!
    • ISIC functionality can be also added (additional charge of 15€) to this type of card and after that the card will work as an international student card. You can prove that you are a student all around the world and get discounts in over 120 countries.
    • In order to get this card type, you need Finnish personal identity code and Finnish mobile phone number
    • The card will be delivered to your home address
2.     Student card without the payment functionality (Price 15,10€)
  • A basic student card for degree students (undergraduate/graduate), with which you can prove you are a student and get all the student discounts and benefits
  • In order to get this card type, you need your student number, but NO Finnish personal identity code. Therefore, this is the most common choice for foreign exchange students.
  • ISIC-functionality CAN NOT be combined with this type of card
  • The card will be delivered to ArtSU’s office (SibA’s students), student affairs councellor Hannele Ylönen (TeaK’s student) or KuvA’s info desk (KuvA’s students).
3.     Post-graduate student card (Price 15,10 €)
  • A basic student card only for the post-graduate students and part-time students, with which you can prove you are a post-graduate student and get student discounts (can not be used for train and bus discounts or YTHS. In addition, the price for Kela subsidized student meal differs from the price for the degree students.)
  • Not available as a payment card or ISIC card
  • The card will be delivered to ArtSU’s office (SibA’s students), student affairs councellor Hannele Ylönen (TeaK’s student) or KuvA’s info desk (KuvA’s students).

Note: Ordering the Student Card or ISIC Student Card WITH payment card option requires a Finnish personal identity code. Ordering the Student Card or Post-graduate Student Card WITHOUT payment card option requires a student number (or student card code in KuvA) provided by your own academy.

Benefits and discounts

As a student, you are entitled to a significant student meal discount by showing your Student Card in student restaurants. These meal prices will prove valuable when you compare them to Finland’s restaurants. In addition, with the exception of post-graduate/PhD students, you’ll have convenient access to the services provided by the Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS). Consultations with general practitioners and specialist physicians are free of charge, while dental care services are provided at a low cost.

Carry your Student Card with you at all times – you may stumble upon discount opportunities anywhere! The card provides you with deals on school supplies, travel, local transportation, long distance railway and bus travel, and also culture events and entry fees. It even provides discounts in some stores both online and around the country. An updated list of all commercial student card discounts is available at, where you can also register in order to get even more benefits and deals.

How do I get my Student Card?

It is recommendable to apply for a student card upon arrival in Finland, when the university registration and the Student Union membership are completed. The cards are ordered and paid for at Frank’s website (

Before starting the ordering process, you will need the following:
  • A digital passport-style photograph.
  • A suitable payment method: common credit cards and Finnish online bank codes accepted. If you’re not able to pay your student card online, contact the Student Union office: taiyo-toimisto (a)
  • A Finnish personal identity code (cards with payment card option) OR your student number (or student card code in KuvA) provided by your academy (cards without payment card option).
To order the Student Card, do the following:
  • Fill in the application form at . You will find all the information you  need on the site. The instructions are also in English.
  • Once the application is completed, you will receive a tracking code to follow the status of your card until your card is being printed.
  • If you have ordered a card without payment card option, the card will arrive at ArtSU’s office approximately 3-4 days after the tracking code indicates it is ”being delivered”. SibA’s student can collect their cards at ArtSU’s office at Sibelius Academy’s T-building (Töölönkatu 28, 4th floor); KuvA’s students at Kuva’s info desk and TeaK’s students from study affairs councelor Hannele Ylönen. Please bring your ID with you when collecting the card.
  • If you have ordered a card with payment card option, the card will be delivered directly to your home address. Please note that your card is not valid before it has a term sticker on it! Pick up your sticker from ArtSU’s office (Töölönkatu 28, 4th floor). Please bring your ID with you when picking up the first sticker to a new card.
  • You should get your card within 3 weeks from ordering it if everything is in order with your card application. With questions regarding student cards the quickest channel is Elisa’s customer service: 010 2662 000 Mon–Fri 8–19, Sat 10–16.30, blocking service 24h (price 0,084€/call + (0,06€/min, mobile 0,17€/min)).

If you have questions about the Student Card, you can send an enquiry to taiyo-toimisto (at) or call +358 40 710 4298.

Term stickers

The student card is not valid before it has a term sticker on it! Term stickers are handed out in ArtSU’s office (Nervanderinkatu 13, 4th floor) from August 1 onwards. From Aug 24 to Sep 7 there will also be separate service points for handing out term stickers in KuvA and TeaK. For more details, see Contact information.


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