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Membership of the Student Union provides you with many benefits and services. One of the major benefits of membership is a student card, with which you can prove that you are studying in Finland. This gives you the right to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service and entitles you to hundreds of student discounts all around the country, including student restaurants, trains and long-distance buses (more info at the bottom of the page). All student cards are ordered from the student-owned company Frank, which also negotiates more student discounts for us.

The student card is available both as a digital and a plastic card, and with or without a payment feature (it also functions as a debit card if you want). For an added fee, you also have the option of ordering an ISIC Student Card, which gives you student benefits all around the globe. For basic degree students (bachelor’s, master’s and exchange students), the card options are as follows:

  • Plastic Student Mastercard Debit (€0)
  • Plastic Student Card without payment feature (€16.10)
  • Digital Student Card Frank App (€0)
  • All three options are available with ISIC license, with which you can prove that you are a student all around the world and get discounts in over 120 countries (additional charge of €15 for plastic cards and €3/year for Frank App)
  • More info on different card types at

Doctoral students have a separate card, which cannot be used for train and bus discounts or FSHS health care services. In addition, the price for subsidized student meals differs from the price for degree students. For doctoral students, the card options are as follows:

  • Plastic Doctoral Student Mastercard Debit with ISIC license (€15)
  • Plastic Doctoral Student Card without payment feature (€16.10), also available with ISIC license (additional charge of €15)
  • Digital Doctoral Student Card Frank App (€0), also available with ISIC license (additional charge of €3/year)
  • More info on different card types at

How do I get my student card?

It is recommendable to order a student card upon arrival in Finland, when the university registration and the Student Union membership are completed. The cards are ordered and paid for at Frank’s website (, where you can also find more info on different card types and discounts you can get with your student card.

  1. Before starting the ordering process, you will need the following:
    • A digital passport-style photograph of yourself. The photo needs to be in jpeg format, square shaped and in colour.
    • A functioning payment method, if your card type is not free of charge. All common payment cards (credit, debit and electron) are accepted, Finnish online bank codes unfortunately not.
    • For ordering a card with payment feature (or, for the moment, a digital card), you will need a Finnish personal identity code. If you don’t have a Finnish personal identity code, student cards with payment feature can only be ordered by appointment at Danske Bank. For ordering a card without payment feature, you will need your student number (if you don’t know your student number, please contact your academy’s student affairs or ArtSU’s office for help).
    • In order to get the student card, you must be registered as attending at the University and have paid your Student Union membership fee.
  2. To order the student card, follow the instructions and fill in the application form at The instructions are also in English.
  3. The digital student card will be available immediately upon ordering (there can be a small delay in the beginning of August). The plastic student card will be delivered to your home address by mail within 2-3 weeks from ordering it.
  4. The plastic card is not valid before it has a term sticker on it, so pick up your sticker from ArtSU’s office. Please bring your ID with you when picking up the first sticker to a new card.

If you have questions about the student card, you can try to find the answer on Frank’s FAQ page. You are of course also welcome to contact ArtSU’s office (tel. +358 40 710 4298, or Frank’s customer service (

Benefits and discounts

As a student, you are entitled to a significant student meal discount by showing your student card in student restaurants. These meal prices will prove valuable when you compare them to Finland’s restaurants. In addition, with the exception of doctoral students, you’ll have convenient access to the services provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Consultations with general practitioners and specialist physicians are free of charge, while dental care services are provided at a low cost.

Carry your student card with you at all times – you may stumble upon discount opportunities anywhere! The card provides you with deals on school supplies, travel, local transportation, long distance railway and bus travel, and also culture events and entry fees. It even provides discounts in some stores both online and around the country. An updated list of all commercial student card discounts is available at, where you can also register in order to get even more benefits and deals.

Term stickers

The student card is not valid before it has a term sticker on it! Term stickers are handed out in ArtSU’s office (Nervanderinkatu 13, 4th floor) from August 1 onwards. From Aug 23 to Sep 6 there will also be separate service points for handing out term stickers in KuvA and TeaK. For more details, see Contact information.

New students

Card deliveries for new students may take a little bit longer, since their information has to be entered in the University’s student register before the card can be printed. Please note also, that the plastic student card is not valid before it has a term sticker on it, so remember to pick up your sticker from ArtSU’s office!

Old student cards

Old student cards by Lyyra or Antenna can still be used in many places, but we cannot guarantee they will still be accepted everywhere. You can still use your old student card and get a term sticker on it if you want, but if you want to have access to all possible student benefits, we recommend that you order a new and more versatile card from Frank.

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