Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari: Music teacher, Santoor Virtuoso and Composer.

Hello, I’m Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari, and I’m excited to offer a range of artistic services to the community. As a versatile musician and composer, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to my work. Currently I’m teaching Persian music in the Global Music Department at Sibelius Academy Whether you’re looking for a performer, teacher, or a creative collaborator, here’s what I can offer:

Services Offered:

  • Music Performer: I specialize in the Santoor, a traditional Persian instrument, and I’m proficient in various folk modes and ‘Dastgâhs.’ I blend traditional sounds with contemporary influences and have a keen interest in global music.
  • Music Teacher: With over 10 years of teaching experience at top music institutes in Tehran, I offer Santoor lessons, sharing my expertise with aspiring musicians.
  • Composer: I have a background in both traditional and modern contemporary music, and I create compositions that merge electronic sounds with the Santoor.

Skills to Highlight:

  • Instrument Mastery: I have been playing the Santoor for over 20 years, making it my principal instrument.
  • Continuous Learning: Currently pursuing a second master’s degree at Sibelius Academy, Finland, showcasing my commitment to advancing my musical expertise.
  • International Recognition: I’ve received prestigious national and international awards in both contemporary and traditional music.

Contact Information:

Compensation: I’m open to negotiating compensation based on the specific project or service required. Whether you’re interested in lessons, a performance, or collaboration, please get in touch, and we’ll discuss the compensation that works best for both parties.


  • Performer, Teacher, Composer, Santoor Player, Musician
  • Traditional Persian Music, Contemporary Music, Global Music
  • Santoor, Instrument Mastery, Composition
  • International Awards, Ongoing Education