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Student representatives in university administration

Mikä halloped?
Applying to become a halloped
Acting as a halloped
Keskeisimmät hallopedit
Avoimet halloped-paikat

Mikä halloped?

Student representatives in university administration or hallopeds (short for “hallinnon opiskelijaedustaja” in Finnish) are students appointed by the Student Union to represent all students of the University of the Arts Helsinki in different bodies of the university. As a student representative, you can have a concrete impact on the university’s affairs, provide your skills for the use of the university community and broaden your view on the operation of the university. As a halloped, you learn meeting and negotiation skills and many new things about, for example, the development of teaching, university administration and HR matters. In addition, you usually receive a meeting fee for performing the task.

Katso, mitä hallopedeina toimineet tykkäsivät hommasta tältä YouTube-videolta!

Applying to become a halloped

Calls for application for hallopeds are published on this site under Student representatives wanted, and information on vacant positions is also distributed through e-mail bulletins and social media. The calls for applications always include more detailed information on how to apply and who are eligible to apply. As a rule, students registered for attendance at the University of the Arts Helsinki can apply for a halloped position by filling out a form at The representatives for academy-level bodies are generally selected from among the students of the academy in question.

Acting as a halloped

A halloped always represents all students, which is an important task. In practice, acting as a halloped mainly consists of attending and preparing for meetings. Preparation is usually the most essential part: if there is something obscure in the materials or you would like to change a proposed decision but don’t know how, contact the Student Union! Hallopeds are entitled to utilise the Student Union’s resources to a reasonable extent. Correspondingly, hallopeds are obliged to participate in the operation of the body. The quick guide below includes more information on acting as a halloped.

ArtSU Quick Guide for Student Representatives 2020

The central student representatives

Board of Uniarts Helsinki
Sini Kaartinen
Mikael Karkkonen

University Collegium of Uniarts Helsinki
Xiao Zhyiu (varajäsen Mira Vornanen)
Iiris Tarnanen (varajäsen Viivi Tigerstedt)
Olga Heikkilä (varajäsen Laura Renvall)
Sara Pollari (varajäsen Jaakko Tyni)
Johanes Timothy (varajäsen Riikka Karjalainen)
Panu Poutanen (varajäsen Patrik Kumpulainen)

Academy of Fine Arts Board
Anna Jaatinen
Annabel Kajetski
Mimma Tuomisalo

Academy of Fine Arts Academic Council
Henna Aho
Anna Matveinen
Mia Seppälä

Sibelius Academy Board
Kristian Saarinen
Eliise Tani
Aurora Visa

Sibelius-Akatemian klassisen musiikin osaston osastofoorumi
Olga Heikkilä
Johannes Pessi
Johanes Timothy

Sibelius-Akatemian MJK-osaston osastofoorumi
Juulia Haverinen
Sini Kaartinen
Heidi Piittinen

Theatre Academy Board
Panu Poutanen
(kaksi paikkaa avoinna)

Theatre Academy Education Council
Arttu Halmetoja
Jani Hämäläinen

Theatre Academy Research Council
Kenneth Siren

Email addresses are of the form []

Avoimet halloped-paikat

Avoimet halloped-paikat löydät here

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