Get involved!

In University of the Arts Student Union, you can get involved in the activities in many different ways: in the Council deciding on major issues, in the Board running practical activities, in university administration as a student representative, in academy committees and department clubs as an active member or at events as a volunteer. Feel free to join in and ask us if you have any questions, there is always room for good and active people!

  • The Board is the best place to have a real impact on the student union. Elected for the calendar year, the Board meets weekly, decides on day-to-day matters, makes statements on behalf of ArtSU, and runs the practical activities.
  • The Representative Council is the highest decision-making body of the student union. The Council, elected for a 2-year term, meets approximately 5 times a year and decides on the most important issues such as the action plan, budget and membership fee, and elects the Board.
  • Student Representatives , or “hallopeds” appointed by ArtSU, are involved in university decision-making. If you want to influence the affairs of the university, you can apply for vacant student representative positions.
  • Each academy has its own Academy Committee under ArtSU, which is responsible for student traditions, many events and the sense of community among the students of the academy in question.
  • Many subject groups and degree programmes have a Department Club that organizes events and informs students about current affairs inside the subject group.
  • Instead of formal positions, you can also help with a low threshold when you feel like it, for example by helping to organize events or carrying out projects that benefit the whole student community (you can also get funding for them from ArtSU!).

How can I find my own place in the community?

Uniarts Helsinki has the largest community of young artists in Finland. You are an important part of it as yourself, a maker of art. You belong to your subject matter, your academy, your Student Union, your Univerisity as well as many other groups. A community is built by the work its members do for it.

“The University of the Arts Student Union thinks that Uniarts Helsinki has a mission to create possibilities to advance art, science, civilization and culture. To us, Uniarts Helsinki is an actor in its field that combines all the different academies fearlessly.”
- ArtSU’s policy paper on developing the University

How can this be achieved? It comes down to every member of the community to decide what kind of things we do together. Working with the Student Union, committees, clubs or as a student representative are all good options, but you can figure out a way that works for you. In the end, everything comes down to people and the relationships that people have with each other.

Some thoughts and suggestions for building community:

  • · Take active note of similarities you have with others. Everyone studying here has come to develop their skills and thinking as it comes to art, even though everyone has different backgrounds. The more you find these similarities, the easier it will be to connect with them.
  • Be yourself! Forcing yourself into a fixed role is not good for anyone, and you don’t have to feel like you need to agree with everyone to fit in. The strongest and safest communities are those where you can disagree about things while affirming that everyone is a part of the community.
  • Be curious! You can explore what the other academies are doing, go to concerts, galleries, plays, and you can take a friend with you as well. Information about events can be found on the university’s public website as well as Artsi. You will hear, see and feel all kinds of things!
  • Listen to and tell stories! Everyone here has their own path and perspective, exchanging ideas is a joy that leaves everyone better off. Though, as before, listening to someone doesn’t mean that you have to agree about everything.
  • Introduce people to each other! If you know two people from different academies and introduce them, you are literally creating connections that strengthen the whole University.
  • Give recognition! Artistic fields have a strong tradition of critical discussions. It is important, and yet you can balance criticisms by lifting up things that the other person is doing well. Words can either bring people together or tear them apart, so choose yours carefully!


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