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Hey new student! You are now part of Finland’s biggest community of art students! As a student at the University of Arts, you are also part of our student community and the wider university community. 

The University of Arts Student Union (ArtSU, or TaiYo in Finnish), is the community of students, by the students, for the students. The community is made up of each and every student. It is important that everyone can safely participate and be active in our community as who they are. in a way that suits their resources and interests. The Student Union has Principles for Safer Space that are in place in all events and activities. You can ger familiar with them here (

Our community has many different types of opportunities and ways to get involved. You can find examples of those below, but if you cannot find something that fits you or that you would like to do, you can always create new things! If you would like some help with that, you can always contact the board members or staff of the student union, they exist and work for the community and the students.


In the University of the Arts Student Union, you can get involved in the activities in many different ways: in the Council deciding on major issues, in the Board running practical activities, in university administration as a student representative, in academy committees and department clubs as an active member or at events as a volunteer. Feel free to join in and ask us if you have any questions, there is always room for new people!

  • Each academy has its own Academy Committeeunder ArtSU, which is responsible for student traditions, many events and the sense of community among the students of the academy in question.
  • Student Representatives , or “hallopeds” appointed by ArtSU, are involved in university decision-making. If you want to influence your studies or study conditions or other the affairs of the university, you can apply for vacant student representative positions.
  • The Board is the best place to have a real impact on the student union. Elected for the calendar year, the Board meets weekly, decides on day-to-day matters, makes statements on behalf of ArtSU and art students, and runs the practical activities.
  • The Representative Council is the highest decision-making body of the student union. The Council, elected for a 2-year term, meets approximately five times a year and decides on the most important issues such as the action plan, budget and membership fee, and elects the Board.
  • Many subject groups and degree programmes have a Department Club that organizes events and informs students about current affairs inside the subject group.
  • Instead of formal positions, you can also help with a low threshold when you feel like it, for example by helping to organize events or carrying out projects that benefit the whole student community (you can also get funding for them from ArtSU!). You can hear about volunteer opportunities by following ArtSU’s social media (@taiyoartsu on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and by reading the weekly newsletter sent to your email!
  • Myös osallistumalla TaiYo:n kaikkien akatemioiden opiskelijoille tarkoitettuihin tapahtumiin voit osallistua yhteisön toimintaan.




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