Principles and community

Uniarts and the Student Union have created principles, guidelines and instructions to ensure the wellbeing, safety and inclusivity of the community. In practice, we all should know that these principles/guidelines exist and know where to find them, discuss and bring them up when needed and also act by them.

The following is a brief presentation of the various valid principles, guidelines and instructions in possible situations of harassment, conflict or other inappropriate behaviour.

The Uniarts Helsinki’s Code of Conduct (link) can be found on the university's website and it guides all activities of the university community. The purpose of the code of conduct is to ensure that the university environment is safe, healthy and inspiring.

The purpose of Student Union's (TaiYo) Principles for Safer Space (link) is to build an equitable and inclusive atmosphere, where everyone who participates in the Student Union’s activities or events can feel safe and like they belong. Creating a safer space requires everyone to participate actively and take responsibility. The principles are in place in all TaiYo’s activities and events, and anyone participating will be expected to comply with them.

Uniarts Helsinki also has guidelines in cases of inappropriate treatment. You can find the full instructions here here (link)In such situations, you can contact:

Uniarts Helsinki also has a substance abuse programme (link), which includes measures to prevent students' substance use and to support intervention in problem situations.