Apply to become a Student Tutor!

Do you believe in the power of community? Do you want to welcome new friends to the University of the Arts Helsinki? Do you want to learn more about groups and leading them? We need lots of hands, hearts and brains to roll out the red carpet for new students – while making it big, fun and gentle. The tutors help new students start their studies, including all the practicalities and help them feel at home in their new environment and community. Recruitment for tutors at Uniarts Helsinki is open NOW! 

We are looking for tutors, who want to get to know new people and build the Uniarts community. Working as a tutor does not require special skills or knowledge, it’s enough for you to know the basics of your degree programme and to know how to ask for help when it’s needed. We hope that you have communication skills, commitment and a positive attitude. Tutors have an important role, as you will be getting to know new students in your field of study, support them as they are starting their studies and foster a sense of community. We want to have international students as tutors also, so there is no requirement for Finnish language skills.   The selections for tutors are made based on their applications. Our criteria are motivation, willingness to work with other tutors and developing our community. We will also evaluate all applicants as a group, so that there is a diversity of viewpoints among tutors. 

     The duties of the tutor include:

  • Participation in the common training weekend Fri-Sat May 12th-13th
  • participate in a group discussion session in the beginning of August
  • Welcoming the new students when they arrive and start their studies, leading your own group and arranging a minimum of 4 meetings
  • Helping the new students to get to know other students and student life in your own academy as well as the whole University
  • Helping the new students to know your own degree programme and the tools they need for their studies
  • Writing a tutoring report and participating in a tutoring feedback event.

  As a tutor you will receive:

  • 200 euro gratuity
  • 2 ECTS credits, if you are a tutor for the first time

  Please mark down these dates in your calendar:

  • Fri-Sat 12.-13.5. Training weekend
  • small group discussions in the beginning of August
  • feedback- and group meeting in December

  The purpose of tutoring is to make sure that every student has a safe route to find their community in the University. Equally important is that the tutors have a meaningful role as well as opportunities to learn and develop their own skills. You will have an opportunity to inspire others and exceed your own expectations! We want this experience to be useful to you in your own further adventures. Applications are made through the form below kautta before midnight April 1st..

More information from the tutor coordinator Sakari Topilta (sakari.topi@uniarts.fi)Come help new students find their way and apply to be a tutor now!

 Privacy Policy: The information on the form will only be used for purposes related to the selection of tutors and will be deleted without undue delay after the selection. However, the contact information of candidates selected as tutors will be stored for communication purposes for the duration of the task.