Notice Board

The official notice board of the University of the Arts Student Union can be found here. The documents on it are unfortunately only in Finnish, the Student Union’s official administrative language.

On the official notice board, you will find e.g. lists of decisions of ArtSU’s Representative Council and Executive Board and notices of meetings of the Representative Council. Calls for application for student representatives, which are published on the official notice board, can be found in English on the page Student representatives wanted. The Student Union’s statutes, policies and other documents guiding its activities can be found on the page Statutes and Policies.


Edustajiston kokouskutsut 2023

Edustajiston kokouskutsu 1 / 2023
Edustajiston kokouskutsu 2 / 2023


Edustajiston päätösluettelot 2023

Edustajiston päätösluettelo 1 / 2023
Edustajiston päätösluettelo 2 / 2023


Hallituksen päätösluettelot 2023

Hallituksen päätösluettelo 1 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 2 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 3 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 4 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 5 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 6 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 7 / 2023
Hallituksen päätösluettelo 8 / 2023


Appendices for the board's lists of decisions

Board's decision on student union grants in spring 2023


Appeals process

Appeals to a decision that an organ of the Student Union has made are handled as laid out in Universities Act, §86. In addition, a decision made by an organ appointed by the Board can be appealed to the Board. Details about the appeals process can be found (in Finnish) here.

Privacy Policy

The Student Union's privacy policy, a notice according to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) on how personal data of registrants is handled, can be found (in Finnish) here.


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