Interest advocacy

The most important task of the student union is to take comprehensive care of the status, rights, well-being and interests of the students of the University of the Arts Helsinki, both within the university and nationwide. To promote these things, ArtSU does continuous advocacy work. By listening to the feedback given by students, by being active as an organization and by participating in the activities of various administrative bodies and working groups inside and outside Uniarts Helsinki, ArtSU strives to promote the overall well-being of its members and the smooth running of studies.

Advocacy at Uniarts Helsinki

ArtSU does continuous advocacy work within Uniarts Helsinki by regularly meeting with the university's head and administration, actively following current events, taking a stand and issuing official statements if necessary, participating in various administrative bodies, listening to student feedback and informing students about current affairs.

Practical lobbying work is carried out weekly by ArtSU's employees and Board, who e.g. meet with university management and study administration on a regular basis, keep contact with other relevant parties, resolve problem situations, take a stand on current issues on behalf of the student union, and take forward wishes and initiatives from students. ArtSU’s Representative Council, which meets a few times a year, in turn discusses current issues at a more general level and decides on larger guidelines, e.g. about the direction ArtSU wants to develop the university.

In addition, participation in the activities of the various administrative bodies of the university and its academies is an important part of the protection of students’ interests. In all the relevant decision-making bodies of Uniarts Helsinki, from the university board and academy boards to teaching staff recruitment groups and various development groups, there are ArtSU-elected student representatives (“hallopeds”), who advance students’ perspectives and positions in the university’s decision-making. More information on the student representatives can be found here.

Advocacy outside the university

ArtSU also promotes the cause and well-being of students on a national level by being an active member of the National Union of Student Unions in Finland (SYL), which is a national advocacy organization that represents all of Finland's approximately 130,000 university students.

In local issues, ArtSU works in the World Student Capital ry, a co-operation organization of student unions in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and in issues related to the art scene, ArtSU co-operates with various actors in the arts and culture sector. In addition to these, ArtSU has a representative in the administration of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) and the Foundation for student housing in the Helsinki region (Hoas).

Do you want to make a difference?

The best way to influence study conditions and the Uniarts Helsinki community is to boldly bring up any shortcomings and suggestions for improvement – contact for example ArtSU's työntekijöihin or a member of the Student Union Board you know!

You should also consider whether you would like to take part in ArtSU's activities, either in one of the student union’s positions of trust or as a student representative in the university administration - read more here!

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