You pay the student union a membership fee of 62 euros a year. It is now decided what will be done with the money or how high the membership fee should be at all. Vote electronically in the ArtSU's representative council elections on October 28, November 2 or November 3.

The link to the voting system will be updated here before the election begins.

Which elections?

In the University of the Arts Student Union the highest decision-making power is exercised by the Representative Council, which is elected by election for two years at a time. All members of the Student Union, ie all students of the University of the Arts Helsinki, may vote and stand for election. The next Representative Council elections will be held this fall, in the beginning of November. The Representative Council has 15 members and an equal number of vice members. The election uses a proportional electoral system and this fall, the election will be held for the first time by electronic vote, which is open on election days October 28, November 2 and November 3 from 8am to 8pm.

Who are the candidates, who is allowed to vote?

In representative council elections every Uniarts student union member, that means every Uniarts bachelor or master degree student, has the right to vote. There are a total of 21 candidates from different academies in the election, and 15 full members of the Representative Council are elected from them. The remaining candidates will be elected as vice members. You can find out more about the candidates here.

What does the Representative Council decide on?

The Representative Council meets 4–6 times a year to decide on the most important issues of the Student Union, such as the amount of the membership fee, the use of funds, the objectives of operations and the election of the Student Union Board. You can read more about the operation and decision-making of the Representative Councilhere..

What is Student Union?

The Representative Council, or Repco, uses the highest decision-making power in the Student Union of the Uniarts. The Student Union, or ArtSU, is its own organization, which is ruled by the students and whose members are all bachelor’s or master’s degree students of the Uniarts. Each student pays an annual membership fee to the Student Union to fund the Student Union's activities. You can read more about what the student union does and why it existshere.

Election declaration (in Finnish)