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Greetings, new student! The University of the Arts Student Union (ArtSU) welcomes you to study at the University of the Arts Helsinki! Every university in Finland has its own student union, and ArtSU is the community and interest organisation of all University of the Arts students. Every attending bachelor’s and master’s degree student is automatically a member of the Student Union when enrolling in the university, and exchange students and doctoral students are also welcome to join. The purpose of ArtSU is to be a tie between its members, promote the interests and rights of students and provide services that facilitate studies.

Read the Student Union’s welcome words and a short introduction to ArtSU at the link below! This site also includes plenty of other useful information on the Student Union, studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki and student life.

Before starting your studies, also read ArtSU’s Guide for new students! The guide is an extensive information package on the University of the Arts Helsinki, its practices, the daily life of students and the Student Union. The paper version of the Guide for new students is handed out during the orientation studies, and electronic versions of the guide are available from the links below.

Checklist for new students

It is more comfortable to start your studies when you have first taken care of a few practical things. More precise and comprehensive information on practical things related to the start of studies can be found in the above Guide for New Students, but here is a list of a few of the most essential things:


Together with the University of the Arts Helsinki, ArtSU organises tutoring activity to facilitate the beginning of your studies.

Every new student belongs to a tutoring group led by a tutor, an older student who helps and supports new students in the early phase of their studies. You can ask the tutor about anything from daily life in Helsinki (where is the nearest pharmacy?) to the practices of your academy (how do I sign up for courses?).

The primary task of a tutor trained by ArtSU is to help the new student to cope with practical things. The responsibility for student counselling lies with the academy, the subject and the teacher tutors, but student tutors will naturally answer all questions related to studies to the best of their ability.

ArtSU’s tutoring activities are led by the tutor coordinator hired separately each year. In 2020, the coordinator is Hannu Jaakkola (taiyo (at) More information on tutoring and acting as a tutor is available from the Student Union office.

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