New students

Greetings new student - University of the Arts Student Union (ArtSU) congratulates and welcomes you to your studies at the University of Arts!


As a degree student in the University of Arts you are automatically a part of ArtSU - the University of the Arts Student Union. The Student Union is the student's voice in university-level decision-making, builds a community over the academy borders and speaks for art students as well as art in general in society. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook (@taiyoartsu) and every week we send out a newsletter via email, where you can read about matters that important to you as a student. All important information will also be posted here on our website.


Checklist for new students
Taideyliopiston nettisivut opiskelijalle
How do I join the student community?
Advocacy work in your studies and at the University of the Arts



Together with the University of the Arts, ArtSU organises tutoring activity to facilitate the beginning of your studies.

Every new student belongs to a tutoring group led by a tutor, an older student who helps and supports new students in the early phase of their studies. You can ask the tutor about anything from daily life in Helsinki (where is the nearest pharmacy?) to the practices of your academy (how do I sign up for courses?).

The primary task of a tutor trained by ArtSU is to help the new student to cope with practical things. The responsibility for student counselling lies with the academy, the subject and the teacher tutors, but student tutors will naturally answer all questions related to studies to the best of their ability.

TaiYo:n tuutoritoimintaa vetää vuosittain erikseen palkattava tuutorikoordinaattori, joka vuonna 2023 on Sakari Topi (sakari.topi (ät) Lisää tietoa tuutoroinnista ja tuutorina toimimisesta antaa ylioppilaskunnan toimisto.


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