Executive Board

The Executive Board leads the every day affairs ArtSU. In practice, the board is responsible for the Plan of Work for the year, arranging events, speaking on behalf of the union, representing the union and making sure the interests of art students are advanced. The Board is chosen for a calendar year by the Representative Council, to whom the Board is accountable for their actions.

The Board usually meets once a week during semesters. The meetings’ lists of decisions are published on this website under Notice Board(only in Finnish).

 ArtSU Executive Board

  • Sofia Charifi: Chairperson of the Board
    taiyo-pj (at) uniarts.fi, tel. 040 710 4297
  • Veera Isotalo: Vice Chair, Educational Policy, City Affairs, Tutoring
    veera.isotalo (at) uniarts.fi, tel. 045 632 4004
  • Sini Kaartinen: Vice Chair, Art and Cultural Policy, Tutoring
    sini.kaartinen (at) uniarts.fi, tel. 044 543 1461
  • Terhi Hartikainen: Educational Policy, Work and Employment Affairs
    terhi.hartikainen (at) uniarts.fi, tel. 0400 378 092
  • Matleena Kohonen: Social Policy, Events, Environment
    matleena.kohonen (at) uniarts.fi, tel. 050 525 5258
  • Noora Lehtovuori: Art and Cultural Policy, Events, Space for Free Arts
    nooralehtovuori (at) gmail.com, tel. 044 511 9980
  • Yonatan Quemado: Communications, International Affairs
    yonatan.quemado (at) uniarts.fi, tel. 046 625 2362 (WhatsApp +1 412 742 1056)

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