Academy Committees and Department Clubs

Academy Committees

Three academy-specific committees (jaosto in Finnish) operate under the University of the Arts Student Union: Academy of Fine Arts committee, Sibelius Academy committee and Theatre Academy committee. Each committee operates as a link between the students of its academy, organises academy-specific events, maintains the student traditions of the academy, and also participates in supervising the interests of its field and its students to the best of its ability.

For additional information on the committees and their activities, please contact the committee chairs:
KuvA committee: Xenia Østergård Ramm, xenia.ramm (at)
SibA committee: Aurora Visa, (at)
TeaK committee: Mikael Karkkonen, teak.jaosto-pj (at)

Department Clubs

Department clubs are student organisations aimed at bringing together students of the same subject or field, promoting their interests and organising activities. In addition to student union activities, you can experience traditional student culture through department clubs, and at the same time you can influence the affairs of your own field of study and department.

At the moment, department club activity is mainly concentrated in the Sibelius Academy, whose clubs are presented below. In addition, the Academy of Fine Arts has a student club JATKUVA ry for its doctoral students, and the Theatre Academy has a student club VÄSy for students of lighting and sound design.


The purpose of the club is to promote the interests of folk music students and to act as a link between staff and students. The club also promotes the well-being of students by organising jam sessions, parties and other recreational activities and by taking part in artistic conversation within the Academy. The club participates in the teachers’ weekly meetings and reports on the topics discussed to the students.

Puheenjohtajana toimii Aino Kinnunen (aino.kinnunen (at)

Kimu ry

The purpose of Kimu is to promote the interests of Sibelius Academy’s church music students and to further the joint activities of its members. The one time membership fee is €30 for first year students, €25 for second year students and so on.

The club organises fun recreational activities such as trips, gatherings and matinées for the department’s members. Kimu also engages in active dialogue with the department’s leadership and oversees matters related to studies.

Yhdistyksen tehtäviä hoitaa eri vuosikurssien opiskelijoista koostuva hallitus, joka valitaan vuosikokouksessa syyslukukaudella. Tapahtumista tiedotetaan joko N-talon kellarikerroksen ”Kimun mutkan” ilmoitustaulun tai sähköpostilistan kautta. Voit myös ottaa yhteyttä Kimu ry:n puheenjohtajaan Sini Huopaniemeen (sini.huopaniemi (at)


Klamu is a new club that unites all classical music students. More information can be had

By paying our yearly membership fee you’ll be a part of our merry crew and will receive membership benefits. We arrange several events every year, from a gala concert that spans the entire classical faculty to an annual ball, as well as other activities. We are seeking interested classical music students to be part of the board and working groups!

Kukko ry

Kukko promotes and oversees the well-being of its members. The department club strives to bridge the gap between the students and the staff and works in close cooperation with the department staff. Kukko’s mission is to make the study environment more functional and fun for everyone.

Besides taking care of student affairs, Kukko also organises recreational events, concerts and fun parties that increase students’ well-being and positive attitude towards life.

Vuonna 2020 Kukko ry:tä johtaa Emma Hartikainen (emma.hartikainen (at)

Maine ry

Maine is the club for Music Educators in Sibelius Academy, and was founded in 2005. Students completing a degree in the Department of Music Education can join the club as full members, and all Uniarts Helsinki students can join as supporting members.

It is the goal of Maine to tend to its members’ well-being and entertainment by organising parties, trips, and recreational activities and to act as the representative and spokesperson for its members at the Sibelius Academy. Maine is also an active participant in the public debate on music education related matters and works in close cooperation with ArtSU.

Maine sends out information on topical matters and events once a month via its Kuukauden Maineesi newsletter. Maine’s annual meetings are organised in spring and autumn. In the autumn meeting, the members select a board for the next year. If you want to join the honourable activities of Maine, become a member by contacting the chair for 2020, Veera Isotalo (veera.isotalo (at) and join up!

Sakko ry

SAKKO is a department club for the Sibelius Academy students in Kuopio that was founded in 1989, and it acts as the supervisor of the students’ interest and organises recreational activities, trips and study excursions. Every Autumn, the club’s general assembly appoints a chairperson and five board members, who are responsible for organising recreational activities, among others.

The Chair of the association and the Board are elected during the fall assemby. The Board consists of five members and the Chair, as well as a observer from the first year students. The Board functions include for example organizing leisure activities.

Sakko is chaired by Ruut Rauhala (ruut.rauhala (at)

Sima ry

SIMA (Sibelius Academy Managers of Arts) was founded in 2007, when the Arts Management programme in SibA turned 10 years. The club promotes the students in Arts Management and helps them with their ambitions, be they social, artistic, societal or other. It also wants to promote the national and international visibility of Arts Management as a field of study.

All registered Arts Management students are welcome to join as full members, as are exchange students studying in the Master’s programme for at least three months, as long as they accept the rules of the department club.

SIMA ry:tä pyörittää hallitus, jonka puheenjohtajana toimii Anna-Liisa Nylund (anna-liisa.nylund (at)

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