Election coalities


The election uses a proportional electoral system so the candidates can form electoral coalitions. A coalition is a group of at least 2 and no more than 15 candidates. The purpose of a coalition is to connect candidates who represent more or less the same values and pursue common objectives, just like parties at the national level. In practice, the impact of coalitions can be seen in vote counting: the ranking of a candidate is affected by the overall number of votes for the coalition and the candidate’s ranking within the coalition.

You can form an electoral coalition by filling in the electoral coalition agreement


Alliances are groups of coalitions. The overall number of votes for the whole alliance affects the rankings of all its coalitions and their candidates. It is not obligatory to be part of a coalition or an alliance, but in practice, it improves the chances of getting in.

You can form an electoral alliance by filling in the Electoral alliance agreement

Joining a coalition

To join a coalition, a candidate must give consent to it in their candidate nomination form. Also, information on which coalition candidate is joining is needed. Similarly, the representative of a coalition must in the coalition agreement give consent to join an electoral alliance and information on which coalitions form the alliance.

Where can I find a coalition?

The formation of electoral coalitions takes place on the initiative of the candidates themselves. In previous ArtSU representative council elections, for example, there have been academy-specific electoral coalitions, but the unifying factor of the union's candidates can be anything, and the purpose of electoral coalitions is to unite candidates representing the same values and common goals. You should be active in establishing or searching for an electoral alliance.

If you want to announce your intention to form an electoral coalition for which you are looking for interested candidates, you can notify us by e-mail taiyo-paasihteeri@uniarts.fi. In your message, at least tell the name of the electoral coalition and the contact details of its representative. An informal list of electoral coalitions planned to be formed is compiled below; in this way, candidates can themselves contact the representative of the electoral coalitions and express their interest in participating in the coalition.