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FOR STUDENT UNION MEMBERS: Are you looking for practical experience in your own field? Are you looking to earn some money? Leave a notice in the Artist Directory!

People often search for young artists through the University of the Arts and the Student Union. The Artist Directory is designed to help bring together people both searching for and offering artistic services.

The Artist Directory is a member service of the University of the Arts Student Union. People coming to the Student Union website can find performers for different occasions, teachers or other services related to the arts. Notices in the Directory can relate to any discipline in the University of the Arts and they can be either for single artists or groups (note that at least one of the group members must be a member of the Student Union!). Notices are categorized according to discipline and if necessary, by subcategory. This service is free of charge for both members posting notices and people searching for an artist. The Student Union only provides a space for notices, all practical matters are handled between the artist and the client.

Putting up a notice is easy and can be done through the form below. If you have questions about the Artist Directory or wish to update your information, please contact the Student Union office at

FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FIND ARTISTS: The form on this page is not meant for job offers The form that you can use to leave an open notice for the members of the Student Union can be found here.

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  • This is the most important part of your registration. Your notice should answer the following questions:
    • What are the skills and competencies you want to highlight?
    • What are you offering to the people who read your notice?
    • Are you a performer, teacher, or do something completely different about art? Maybe all of these? Remember to talk about it!
    • What kind of a payment are you looking for your work? Do you want to negotiate with every contact separately or do you want to give an hourly price for e.g. teaching? (You can formulate these for example; “Contact me and we can talk about the fee!” or “I offer teaching at 60€/45 min lesson.”)

Contact info and social media links

  • These give people a way to contact you and see your work.


  • Tags help viewers find you among all the other people in the directory. At least the following answer tags are recommended: (examples in brackets):
    • Are you a performer, teacher and/or provide other services? [esiintyjä, opettaja, muu palvelu, performer, teacher, other service]
    • What is your art tradition? [tanssi, teatteri, kansanmusiikki, klassinen musiikki, singer, theater]
    • Do you play an instrument? [piano, huilu, saksofoni, flute]
    • Can you use other words for your art? [sävellys, composition, valosuunnittelu, kuvataide, fine arts, valokuvaus]
    • HUOM! Asiasanat erotetaan pilkulla “,” jokaisen asiasanan jälkeen.


  • A picture says more than a 1000 words. How do you present yourself?

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