Become a candidate?

Vuoden 2021 edustajistovaalien ehdokasasettelu on päättynyt. Voit tutustua ehdokkaisiin täältä.

Every member of the Student Union (registered as present or absent) can become a candidate in the Representative Council elections. You are a member of the Student Union if:

  • you are working on a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the University of the Arts Helsinki and you have registered as present or absent for the autumn term of 2021
  • you are pursuing a study program other than a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the University of the Arts Helsinki (e.g. doctoral studies, exchange studies or pedagogical studies for teachers) and you have paid ArtSU’s membership fee for the autumn term of 2021

Why to become a candidate?

The representative council is a good place to influence in studies, students’ everyday life and the community or for example in the art and culture policy. To work in the council, there are no particular requirements for previous experience or knowledge, so if you only are interested. The Representative Council meets 4–6 times a year, so operating there does not require much time. Instead, in the Representative Council you can learn new things, meet new people across academy boundaries and can influence the activities of the student union and the university.

How can I become a candidate?

Ehdolle asetutaan täyttämällä sähköinen ehdokasilmoituslomake.

The form must be completed and sentat the latest on 7 October at 12 noon.

Coalitions and alliances

The election uses a proportional electoral system so the candidates can form electoral coalitions. To join a coalition, a candidate must give consent to it in their candidate nomination form. Also, information on which coalition candidate is joining is needed. Similarly, the representative of a coalition must in the coalition agreement give consent to join an electoral alliance and information on which coalitions form the alliance. More information about the coalitionshere.