Health & Well-Being

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS offers general health services, mental health and oral health services for students in higher education. In addition to healthcare appointments, FSHS is involved in a wide range of activities to promote student health. FSHS offers advice and guidance on healthcare, illness prevention and ways of looking after your health through personal choices and lifestyle.

The FSHS website includes extensive information about health matters and the contact details and opening hours of health centres in Töölö and Otaniemi, as well as information on booking an appointment and fees. You can also send questions to FSHS online advisors on the website.

You are entitled to use FSHS services after paying the healthcare fee, which is included in the student union membership fee (excluding doctoral students). You can continue accessing the FSHS services after your graduation until the expiry of your student union membership, i.e. until 31 July during the spring term and until 31 December during the autumn term.

Study Psychologist

The Study Psychologist supports all degree students of Uniarts Helsinki on issues related to learning, studying and study well-being. Common subjects that are discussed at the Study Psychologist’s counselling sessions include challenges with progressing studies, performance anxiety, motivation, time management, procrastination, learning disabilities and questions about being an artist.

Your contact with the Study Psychologist is confidential, voluntary and free of charge. Each session with the Study Psychologist takes 45-60 minutes and the total number of the sessions varies from 1 to max. 5 sessions per student during an academic year. If needed, the student is referred to further support. In urgent and mental health matters, which require health care, please contact the Finnish Student Health Services or the health station of your residential area.

More information on Study Psychologist services and instructions for making an appointment can be found in Artsi: For Students > Everyday Life and Wellbeing > Study psychologist

University Chaplain

With the Uniarts Helsinki Chaplain, you can discuss everything between heaven and earth. Common topics of discussion relate to coping, life situations, interpersonal and relationship problems, and various mental and spiritual issues. The chaplain can be contacted regardless of religious views, denomination or whether you belong to the church or not. The discussions will be held with respect for your beliefs, whatever they are.

More information on the University Chaplain’s services and instructions for making an appointment can be found in Artsi: For Students > Everyday Life and Wellbeing > University Chaplain

Contact persons for inappropriate treatment

There is zero tolerance for inappropriate treatment at the University of the Arts Helsinki, and the university is legally obligated to strive to prevent and eliminate harassment and other inappropriate treatment. If you come across bullying, discrimination, sexual or other harassment or otherwise inappropriate behaviour, you can contact any member of the Uniarts Helsinki staff that you feel comfortable with (e.g. responsible teacher of the course or head of your department) or the equality contact persons (contact details) appointed by the university. They have the right and duty to take the matter forward confidentially. More detailed information and instructions can be found in the Guide of the University of the Arts Helsinki on the prevention of inappropriate treatment.

In addition to the university’s contact persons, study psychologists (see above) offer conversational support, for example, if you are not sure whether some activity is inappropriate. The Student Union has its own designated harassment contact persons who offer advice, conversational help and peer support in sorting out the matter and taking it forward within the university. Harassment contact persons include students from all three academies and of different genders, but you can contact any of them regardless of academy or gender. Discussions with both study psychologists and harassment contact persons are always confidential.

The contact details for ArtSU’s harassment contact persons can be found on the page Contact Information. We also recommend reading ArtSU’s declaration on appropriate treatment, “Treat me well”.


Nyyti promotes students’ mental health by providing versatile information and activities about mental wellbeing and coping with everyday life while studying. You can take part in chats, online discussion groups or Nyyti’s Skills for Life courses. More information on Nyyti’s services and other useful information regarding studying and life in general is available at the Nyyti website


Uniarts Helsinki supports the well-being of attending degree students by subsidizing the use of UniSport’s services. UniSport offers exercise and much more for all ages and fitness levels at Helsinki Centre, Töölö, Kumpula, Meilahti, Viikki and Otaniemi campuses. UniSport offers versatile services in gym training, group training classes, ball sports sessions and club activities, as well as massages, nutrition coaching and personal training. You can find more information on Unisport services, schedules and prices at

Students from the Kuopio campus have access to SYKETTÄ – Kuopio Universities’ Sports Services. Further information: https://sykettä.fi/kuopio/en.