Anniversary Celebration

TaiYo 10 anniversary celebration 22.4.2023

The University of Arts Students Union will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Saturday 22 April at Teak's tori (Haapaniemenkatu 6). The annual celebrations combine an academic table party with a more informal birthday party. The prologue, or cocktail event, begins at 4 pm. and the first act of the table party at 5 pm. The birthday party begins at 9pm. The price of the table party is 75 euros for TaiYo members and 85 euros for others. You can also buy a support ticket for the celebration for 100 euros. The dinner ticket includes admission to the birthday party. The ticket price for the birthday party is 5 euros for TaiYo members and 10 euros for others. 


Ticket sales for the TaiYo10-birthday party is now open in Link to the ticket shop: TaiYo10 -synttäribileet! (

Ticket sales to the TaiYo 10 anniversary celebration opens 27th of March in Link to the ticket shop:



What does the TaiYo10 party consist of?

TaiYo10 annual celebrations combine an academic table party and the legendary birthday party this time! TaiYo is organizing the annual party in the form of an academic table party for the third time and the evening is crowned with a legendary birthday party after the table party. You can choose whether to attend the table party, the birthday party – or both!

Both the academic table party and the birthday party will be held on TeAk's Tori (Haapaniemenkatu 6). 

Tori is on the first floor of the Theatre Academy building and is an accessible space. The space also has a gender-neutral accessible toilet. We will inform those who have registered more detailed arrival instructions.


What happens during the dinner or the "table party"?

An academic dinner party is a very common and traditional form of celebration in Finnish universities and colleges. The celebration begins with the prologue (cocktail hour), where all the guests are welcome and we will enjoy a welcoming cocktail. During the prologue stakeholders such as other student unions, art organisations and subject organisations from our university will present their congratulatory greetings to ArtSU. You can arrive flexibly during the prologue but we hope that people presenting a greeting will arrive when the prologue begins. Otherwise the prologue consists of free mingling before heading to the tables when the first act of the dinner party begins. 

After the prologue, we will move to the tables for the first act (first course). There will be a map of the tables and name cards on the table so you can find your seat. The dinner party consists of eating, drinking and singing along with enjoying some performances and speeches. If you need to, you can leave the table during the acts but out of respect we hope you don’t do it during any speeches, performances or songs. 

The songs that will be sung will be in the libretto (song booklet) that you can find from your seat. The songs are mostly familiar melodies with rewritten lyrics. There will be a song leader who will initiate all the songs. If you would like to wish for a song or give a short speech, you can ask the song leader. After each song we will toast first diagonally to the right, then diagonally to the left and then to the person in front of you, then take a sip. 

After the third akt, the dessert, there will be a short pause where the table party will be dismantled, and then will begin the legendary birthday party. The birthday party will be held in the same space.

How the Anniversary Celebration will progress:

  • Prologue (Cocktail hour, greetings from stakeholders)
  • First Act (Appetizers: food, drinks, singing together, speeches and performances)
  • Second Act (Main course: food, drinks, singing together, speeches and performances)
  • Intermission
  • Third Act (Dessert: food, drinks, singing together, speeches and performances)
  • Birthday party!


What happens at the birthday party?

The legendary birthday party kicks off at Teak's tori immediately after the academic table party ends at 9 p.m.  The birthday party offers performances, cross-academy celebrations and, of course, sparkling party atmosphere! 
Admission to the birthday party costs 5€ for TaiYo members, 10€ for others.



The dresscode for the academic dinner party is formal with academic medals and honours, or other festive outfit. Wondering what this means exactly? 

Although the Anniversary Celebration is the fanciest and most festive celebration of the Student Union, we don’t want anyone to not join the celebration because of the dresscode, or stress too much about it. If you have or have always wanted to wear an evening gown, other long dress or white tie – this is the right party for that! At ArtSU’s Anniversary Celebration, you can also wear e.g. a festive jumpsuit, a suit or a shorter (not full-length) dress. What we are hoping for is that guests dress festively but the execution is up to you! Of course as the Student Union of the University of Arts we also appreciate creativity and originality. An appropriate freedom and liberty to express yourself applies to hair, shoes and accessories as well! You are more than welcome to take inspiration to your outfit from this years theme, spring!

Academic medals and honours are insignia usually awarded by student unions or other university-related organisations for work done for the good of the community or other achievements. All current and former members and employees of ArtSU can use ArtSU’s ribbon. The ribbon can be used either as a long ribbon (over one shoulder and down across) or a folded one (like in the picture) or any other festive and dignified way. You can purchase the ribbon from the Student Union’s office. 

More detailed instructions on the use of the ribbon can be found in TaiYo's regulations related to the student union's emblems in chapter III:

The birthday party's The dress code is "come as you are". So what does this mean? Evening dress, sequin pants or sweatpants – put on party clothes just like yours and come as you are! The spring theme can be implemented in clothing and only your imagination is the limit. 


What does the Anniversary Celebration’s academic dinner party participation fee consist of?

The participation fee for the TaiYo10- Anniversary Celebration is 75 euros for ArtSU members and 85 euros for other guests. We do not aim to make any profit from the celebration, merely cover the costs of organising the event. The participation fee is used for paying 

  • a 3-course meal from a restaurant with drinks
  • performers', sound and light technicians' fees 
  • other possible expenses, related e.g. to decorations 

We do our best to keep the cost of the Anniversary Celebration as low as possible for our members, so that as many as possible could join in on the celebration if they want to. We also work to ensure that our celebration culture does not include a pressure to spend money on other things than the participation fee, such as clothes or traveling costs to and from the venue. We also use already-existing, cheap and free resources in our decorations as much as we can.