Principles for Safer Space

ArtSU’s Principles for Safer Space

The purpose of ArtSU’s Principles for Safer Space is to build an equitable and inclusive atmosphere, where everyone who participates in the Student Union’s activities or events can feel safe and like they belong. Creating a safer space requires everyone to participate actively and take responsibility. These principles are in place in all ArtSU’s activities and events, and anyone participating will be expected to comply with them.

  • Let everyone be who they are. Acknowledge your privileges, avoid making assumptions and challenge them. Let each person define their own identity. Take into consideration and value people’s diversity.
  • Try to communicate in a way that is understandable to everyone. Make sure everyone gets to participate and be part of conversations, give everyone space and listen. 
  • ArtSU’s events and activities have zero tolerance for any form of harassment, racism, bullying, discrimination or inappropriate behavior.
  • Respect people’s physical space and mental integrity. No means no, stop if someone asks you to. Do not harass anyone verbally, by touching them or by staring at them.
  • If you see or experience any inappropriate behavior, you have the right to intervene or contact the event safety persons, even if the situation does not concern you. If you want, you can contact ArtSU’s harassment contact persons after the event. If you violate the principles, or someone points out that you have done so, own your mistake and apologise.

Contribute to the creation of an open, inclusive and safe atmosphere with your own actions.

These Principles for Safer Space have been approved by the Executive Board of ArtSU in their meeting on November 30 2021. The Principles will be reviewed yearly and updated when needed. 

Harassment contact persons

Ruut Eleonoora Karhula (SibA), ruut.karhula (at), 040 961 1834

Rauha Arana (KuvA), rauha.arana (at), 045 139 1069

You can contact any of the harassment contact persons regardless of academy.