N-building kitchen access

Terms of use of the Student Union kitchen

By signing this contract, I bind myself to comply strictly to the rules of the University of the Arts Student Union (ArtSU) kitchen. 

  1. The access to the kitchen can be granted to a N Building tag. The student must themself get the tag from N Building's porters. ArtSU takes care that the access to the kitchen is added to the tag after signing this contract. 
  1. The kitchen is not in public use: it is only meant for Student Union officials and for those students who have acquired access to it by signing a contract with the Student Union. It is forbidden to open the kitchen door for anyone else – if you let anyone else use the kitchen, you are responsible for all possible harm and mess done by this person! 
  1. The door must always be closed and locked after using the kitchen or when leaving the premises. 
  1. The user of the kitchen must always clean up their own mess and wash their own dishes! 
  1. The kitchenware of the Student Union must not be taken outside the Student Uni–on premises. 
  1. Only one of the two refrigerators and only part of the cupboards/shelves are in public use; the rest are reserved for Student Union office use. Each cupboard/fridge is marked either as public or as reserved – observe these markings and do not use the ones marked for ArtSU’s office use only. 
  1. If you leave your personal food and drink supplies in the fridge or in the cupboard, you must mark your name clearly on them. Unmarked foodstuff in the cupboard or in the public fridge is free for anyone to use or to throw away. 
  1. Throw away (into the organic waste bin!) all your food that has gone bad. The Student Union has the right to throw away all items whose Best before date is due, even if the owner’s name is marked on them. 
  1. Food and supplies (etc.) marked by other kitchen users or situated in the fridge/cup-board/shelves reserved for Student Union office use are not to be touched! For ex-ample the coffee, tea and coffee filters on the open shelf are not for public use – everyone must buy their own coffee! 
  1. The appliances (microwave oven, coffee maker, electric kettle and toaster) of the Student Union can be used, as long as you are careful with them and clean them up properly after use. 
  1. If you break something or find something broken, please report it to the Student Union office asap. 
  1. If a kitchen user doesn’t clean up their own mess or breaks things, the Student Union can im-pose them to clean up the kitchen or to compensate the broken items. If a kitchen user neglects these terms of use repeatedly, the Student Union can cancel their access to the kitchen. (N.B. The electronic key system allows us to check afterwards who has used the kitchen at a specific moment!)